OEY5NTE0RjgtNDRFRC00QkMyLTlBNDUtMkFDNTI1NkZFNjMx;jsessionid=45470940DDFD6290D495CF92C5FC4047-n2   Gurudoc is the slightly pretentious tag I created for myself, Jonathan Shapiro.

As a qualified doctor I have spent my entire career in the health sector, and have used my experience as a consultant and academic to offer strategic advice and practical solutions to a wide variety of health care organisations both in the UK and abroad. As well as a medic, I have worked over the years doing organisational research, being the clinical lead of the UK branch of a multi-national corporation, and chairing a large UK Mental Health Trust. Additionally I chair the international health education charity Education for Health, have advised Macmillan Cancer Support and consult with many and various healthcare organisations across the public and private sector.

This blog is my way of letting off steam, a forum to express ideas, challenge received wisdom, inform thinking and encourage debate alongside my more formal publications. The subjects will usually be health related, but I may get tempted to wander off occasionally into other areas.

My interests in healthcare have always centred on a whole system approach to the analysis and improvement of care and my work explores the organisational and professional boundaries that obstruct and holistic approach. In particular, I enjoy working across the levels of client organisations, helping them to understand their strategic problems, and then to develop constructive, innovative, sustainable plans. I’ve been involved in such work for many years, and have extensive experience with health care organisations in the public sector (including Trusts, CCGs, NHSE and Department of Health in the UK, as well as Governmental departments in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Bermuda, Israel etc) and private sector (including Pharma (e.g.Pfizer, GSK), Humana, The Health Foundation).

I hope you enjoy the blogs and would really welcome your comments; let’s open the debate!

You can always comment on the blogs but if you wish to get in touch please go to the contact page.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I have just come accross and read you article in the HSJ of 27th of January. This is music to my ears. A little like the “Slow Boat to China”, that is everyone over the age of 50 knows it and likes it but no one plays it any more. So sad.

    We at the Family Doctor Association have been singing your song for 25+ years; so nice that your deep understanding has surfaced in the holistic desert of the HSJ.

    Keep singing,

    Kind regards,

    Michael (Taylor)(GP)

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